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Free Text Editor - Tables

In the MediSign Text Editor you can easily, quickly, and securely create a text with basic formatting.

Text with basic formatting can also be imported directly from Word (or another Word Processor) with Copy and Paste.

For security reasons, Tables cannot be imported from Word and must be created with the built-in tool. Detailed instructions follow.

Insert Table

To insert a table, click on the + (Add) symbol and select “Table”

A Table is automatically created with the default number for Rows and Columns (2×3)


To choose whether the first Row has Headings (or not), click on the icon with the 6 dots

then select appropriate and then press “SAVE”


You can manage the Columns of the table


You can also manage the Rows of the table

Delete Table

To delete the Table, click on the icon with the 6 dots and then on the X to Delete.

The icon will turn red, asking you to confirm. Press it again to delete.


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