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New encounter

By the term Encounter we mean the time of “meeting” of the Doctor or other Healthcare professional with the Patient in order to provide a medical service.

Examples of Services:

  • just a classic Medical visit, a procedure common to most Medical Specialties
  • for the Gastroenterologist, it can be an endoscopic examination
  • for the Radiologist an Ultrasound
  • for the Surgeon a Surgery
  • for the Dietician/Nutritionist a Diet
  • for the Physiotherapist an Electrotherapy Session etc

You can easily manage the services you provide (and the related prices) - see Services and prices.

Each time you add a new patient to your file, MediSign automatically introduces the first Case and the first Encounter for that Case.

Thus, you can immediately enter medical information and/or invoice your patient for the service you provided.

Along the way, you can easily enter New Cases (and Encounters).

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