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Services and prices

By the term Encounter we mean the time of “meeting” of the Doctor or other Healthcare professional with the Patient in order to provide a medical service.

Examples of services:

  • just a classic Medical visit, a procedure common to most Medical Specialties
  • for the Gastroenterologist, it can be an endoscopic examination
  • for the Radiologist an Ultrasound
  • for the Surgeon a Surgery
  • for the Dietician/Nutritionist a Diet
  • for the Physiotherapist a Electrotherapy Session etc

Default service

MediSign comes with “Medical Visit” as the default service. The “default service” is what MediSign selects when you enter a new Encounter. Obviously, you can change it later.

:!: However, you can (and should) manage the Services you provide (and the relevant indicative prices) depending on your Specialty. You can also set another Service as default (essentially the one you provide most often).

Manage services

You can manage the services you provide (and related prices) on the Services and Prices page:

  • from the Edit Encounter form - use the link “management” (under “Service provided”)

  • from the Invoicing form, - use the link “Services management” at the point where you enter the services of the invoice

Services auto insert

When issuing an invoice, simply enter a few letters to select Service from the available autocomplete tool. If you enter up a service that is not registered, MediSign will automatically register it in your Services and it will remain available from now on.

If you change the price of a Service while you are invoicing, MediSign will automatically enter the new price and it will be available from now on.

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