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This process is available from the Menu → Accounting → Customers

Customer types

There are 5 types of Customers:

  1. Patients
  2. Public insurance
  3. Private insurance
  4. Another physical person: In some cases, the Customer is the parent or other relative or attendant. Especially when the patient is a child.
  5. Another legal person: Finally, there are cases where the Customer (the one who pays for the medical services) is a Legal Entity (hospital, institution, organization, etc.).

Add new customer

Each Patient you enter into the database is automatically registered as a Customer. You do not need to add them.

To add a New Customer (who is not a patient), select the “Add new Customer” button and then fill in the appropriate form.

Edit Customer

To edit the customer record, click on the “Lastname or Legal name” link and then fill out the appropriate form.

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