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The default currency is “US Dollar” (code: USD, symbol: $).

You can change the currency in which invoices to your customers are issued. Only the Account owner can change the Currency.

To change the Currency:

  • go to the Preferences page (section “Currency”)
  • select a currency from the Currencies list
  • press Save

MediSign will complete the Currency name, the Currency code, and the Currency symbol.

The most important is the Currency symbol as this is the currency that will appear in your Invoices.


It is recommended to accept the suggested values, however, you can modify them (and press Save).

Important remarks

  • The currency will change for all users in your account, not only for the current user. This is the reason why only the Account owner can change the Currency (other users do not have this ability).
  • It is recommended to change the Currency once (if you do not use the default currency). You can change it again, but all Invoices you have issued will appear with the Selected Currency. However, all pdf files of invoices already issued will not change (as it is obvious).
  • The change of the Currency does not affect the currency in which we issue invoices to you as a Customer. This will remain as it is (US Dollar).
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