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The emails you send me go to the Spam or Junk folder. How can I stop this?

We send you emails from two addresses:

  • (MediSign Administrator)
  • (Support Team)

If they go to the Spam (or Junk) folder, you can do the following:

Add these emails to your contacts

Most Email programs do not send an email to Spam (Junk folder) if the address is in your contacts. So it is useful to add the above addresses to your contacts.

Create a filter "never go to Spam" for these emails

To inform the Email program you are using (Gmail, Outlook, or other) that the automated emails you receive from MediSign are not Spam, you can easily create a filter to whitelist these emails (“never go to Spam”). This is the most effective solution.

See how you can do this in some of the most popular email programs here.

Watch another video specifically for Gmail

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